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The Chinese tell a legend about an old man who walks under the moon in search of couples that are destined to be together, binding soul mates with an invisible red ribbon— thus ensuring that they will one day find one another, and be joined in marriage.

The wedding of 
Yee-Fan and Asher will take place on Saturday, September 29th. Check out the wheres and whens of the wedding, find out how to get to Boston, where to stay, and what to do in the area, and say hello (or leave us a note) in the guestbook.

* n e w 
the wedding went 
off beautifully -- 
many thanks to 
all the family and  friends who were 
able to come out 
to ipswich and 
celebrate the 
day with us ... 
 take a peek
from the 

wedding day!

last updated: 01.21.02. questions? email yee-fan or asher

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